Buy Top 10 Best Camera For Fashion Blogging in 2021 – {An Ultimate Guide}

Buy Top 10 Best Camera For Fashion Blogging in 2020 - {An Ultimate Guide}

Are you a newbie blogger and not doing well? Blogging is becoming a popular career path day by day. According to an estimation, approximately 600 million blogs currently live and searched via the World Wide Web (WWW). People run their successful fashion, health, food and other blogs on World Wide Web and social media platforms.

A high-quality and top-rated camera is essential for the blogger who chooses blogging as a career and wants to take their blog to the professional level. If you are a travel photographer then buy the best camera for travel blogging suitable to carry for trips. Similarly, if you are a fashion photographer then choose the best camera for fashion blogging.

Fashion is a high demand blogging niche. Photography is the only eye-catching features that attracts your audience and promote your blogs. This s not possible if your blog contains blurry images. You will lose your audience as image quality is a prominent feature of fashion blogs. Choose the best camera for fashion blogging after reading our guide on the best camera for blogging 2021.

Buy Best Camera For Fashion Blogging 2021 An Ultimate Guide

ImageNameCheck Price
Nikon D3300 Digital SlrCheck Price
Pentax K-70 Lens (Silver)Check Price
Sony A77iiCheck Price
Fujifilm Silver Digital Camera (X-t20)
Check Price
Canon Dslr Eos Rebel (T6i)Check Price
Panasonic Lumix Dslr (G7ks)Check Price
Sony Alpha Dslr (A6000)
Check Price
Canon PowerShot HS Black (SX720)
Check Price
Kodak Astro Pixpro (Az401-bk)
Check Price
Canon Powershot Dslr Camera (Sx530)Check Price

1. Nikon D3300 Digital Slr

Nikon D3300


Nikon D3300 is an extraordinary photography camera in terms of its color contrast and picture quality. The camera is capable to take clear even tones of bright colors. Fashion photography is tricky as it’s all about how photographers play with the camera. No red-eye issue as the picture quality is quite high. This saves time for red-eye removal and other processing’s.

A 24 megapixels camera is a large resolution offers by this best camera for blogging and
vlogging as compared to the other competing products in the market. A Nikon D3300 camera did not allow to upload pictures to social media. The product does not have Wi-Fi connection
options but you can add this feature by an additional adapter.


  •  Quick to Focus
  •  Clear and Sharp images
  •  Images are of high resolution
  •  High Quality equally to upload on social media blog or Print for billboards’
  •  Pictures are editable as it has a RETOUCH option in its menu.
  •  Bright the shadow areas.
  •  3D Tracking
  •  Video Capturing Quality 24 MP Picture sensor format.
  • Affordable
  •  No Red Eye


  •  No Wi-Fi Connectivity
  •  Cannot upload pictures through the camera.


2. Pentax K-70 Lens (Silver)

Pentax K-70 Lens


Running a video blog is also getting a lot of online traffic. The reason is the huge interest of people towards interesting video clips. So, the gear you need for it is the best video camera for blogging. Pentax K-70 Lens (Silver) is recommended for those who are seeking high-quality videos and pictures. The high lightening feature of this product is its ease of use.

The camera comes up with knobs and buttons to operate it. It does have an operational touch LCD Screen to navigate. You will enjoy the high-quality pictures and videos from this 24 megapixels sensor blogging camera. This product is recommended as a great starter camera for beginners. You can use this camera to upload images and videos directly from the camera. Wi-Fi is a builtin property of this best camera for beauty bloggers.


  •  Easy and fun to use
  •  Less shaky
  •  Waterproof and Dust Resistant
  •  Night Vision
  •  Wi-Fi Connectivity
  •  Best suited for travels to capture beauty
  •  High Color contrasting properties
  •  Tracking, Face Detection & Auto Focus
  •  Night Vision Contrast


  •  Expensive
  •  Image may get blurry when you work with the focus option.


3. Sony A77ii

Sony A77ii


A good photographic camera for hectic fashion weeks. If you have a lot of camera work in a single day then it is important to carry something light. Sony A77II is extra light in weight. It is easy to carry and operate. Suggested as the best camera for travel blogging due to its lightweight properties. Searching for best cameras for social media blog posts then our blogging camera guide recommends you Sony A77II.

Some people also suggest it as the best camera for fashion photography. Sony A77II has an excellent object detection capability. Image quality is very high due to its color distinguishing properties. Its video movie performance is also exceptional. Its shoots very fast due to its potential to capture 60 frames in a single click.


  •  High-Quality HD images
  •  Dynamic Range
  •  Built-in Wi-Fi
  •  Comfortable to handle
  •  Image and Video Stabilization
  •  Light in Weight
  •  Portable and Durable.


  •  Its operational menu may take some time to get used to it
  •  The GPS tag system is removed


4. Fujifilm Silver Digital Camera (X-t20)

Fujifilm Silver Digital Camera (X-t20)


This Fujifilm is a lightweight and mirrorless camera. This works out flawlessly for all those who desire to carry their camera around with them for long working hours. The additional lens allows this camera best to be used as best camera for product photography. With the help of this camera, open the app and see accurately what camera capture through the lens on an android phone screen. Every feature of this camera proves it to be best camera for fashion blogging and inspires you to take photos and save some unforgettable moments.Some silent features and benefits of this camera are as follow:


  •  Lightweight Camera with weight 11.7 oz., to 13.5 oz.
  •  Mirrorless.
  •  Full high-quality images with a sensor resolution of 24.3 megapixels.
  •  Touch display.
  •  Customized different lenses for better quality.
  •  Internet and connection with Wi-Fi facility to upload photos directly from your camera to social media.
  •  Durable lens ecosystem.
  •  Hands-free choices for persons who take photos of themselves


  •  No weather and waterproofing
  •  The in-body image cannot be stabilized.
  •  Lack of focus select control.
  •  Autofocus has enhanced, but still, need to be more improved.


The X-T20 is one best camera for blogging and vlogging which has managed to distill many of  these crucial and basic features. Somehow more compact and affordable camera that’s liked by many photographers.


5. Canon Dslr Eos Rebel (T6i)

Canon Dslr Eos Rebel (T6i)


This is considered as one of the best cameras for bloggers in different roles as food, fashion, lifestyle and design. This model is released along with the Canon T6s, and have similar designs to earlier Canon T5i with little modification.

The higher resolution sensor of T6i captures highly detailed and deep images. The Canon T6i is generally decent for a consumer-class DSLR. It balances new features with Canon DSLR features resulting in a well-versed entry-level DSLR.


  •  Canon T6i has the highest resolution camera lens.
  •  It has high ISO performance as a best cameras for social media posts
  •  Canon T6i has excellent hue and color accuracy.
  •  Manual white balance adjustment.
  •  Fast autofocus and optical viewfinder.
  •  Short single-shot cycle times.
  •  Autofocus adjustment in low light
  •  Built-in Wi-Fi.
  •  The facility of working with wired and wireless remotes.


  •  Less than average battery life span.
  •  Video option at 60p is not available.
  •  HDMI output only works when Wi-Fi is disconnected.
  •  The headphone jack facility is not supported.

This is a best digital camera for blogging that’s capable of generating splendid and high-quality images. The polished surface of the control layout and touch screen make this camera easy to use. According to professional photographers, this one is the best camera for fashion blogging among the other midrange DSLR cameras.


6. Panasonic Lumix Dslr (G7ks)

Panasonic Lumix Dslr (G7ks)

Another best video camera for blogging is Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7KS which is associated with Panasonic’s G series of cameras. This camera is wrapped in a premium Plastic body. The G7’s plastic outer doesn’t feel flimsy.

Panasonic cameras have a big selection of MFT lenses with a high-quality optical lens. This camera can capture spectacular and high-pitched images in low light environments with the help of its high-quality sound reduction system.


  •  This camera has an articulating Screen panel.
  •  Built-in electronic Viewfinder.
  •  Can be operated from smartphone via remote control.
  •  Microphone slot.
  •  Option to stabilize videos.
  •  Handgrip is excellent.
  •  Face detection option for unlocking and focusing.
  •  Good battery timing.


  •  Slow processing speed in 4K photos mode.
  •  Preview at low resolution in 4K photo mode.
  •  Image stabilization is not supported.
  •  Buttons are not easy to operate for beginners in photography.

For file sharing, this camera can be used with Android phones and iPhones users through NFC connectivity. This Micro Four Thirds camera is available with 4K recording capability and 4K photo modes. This is good camera for video blogging as recommended by experts.


7. Sony Alpha  Dslr (A6000)

Sony Alpha  Dslr (A6000)


The A6000 is the latest, most popular compact and mirror less camera from Sony. Lens used is a pack of 24.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor along with the facility of full HD recording.

The main feature of this camera is its tilting 3-inch display. According to professionals, this is an affordable camera that can be used as a photography hobby with quality photos and video.


  •  Very high-resolution lens used as a best camera for video blogging
  •  Shuttle lag is very low.
  •  Have a slot for dual media cards.
  •  Camera charging via USB is very easy.
  •  The compact lens is used
  •  Extremely fast autofocus.
  •  Tilting display.
  •  WI-FI connectivity.


  •  Slow starting time.
  •  Slow Setup.
  •  The display is not a touchscreen.
  •  No microphone slot.
  •  Shuttle sound while capturing photos.

Sony has made major developments in the control panel of the Alpha A6000 as compared to
other NEX cameras. The major improvement in the Sony A6000 is its Fast Hybrid AF system.
All professionals are on a single point, that Sony A6000 is a multipurpose mid-level to the
advanced camera, and can handle high-resolution images.


8. Canon PowerShot HS Black (SX720)

Canon PowerShot HS Black (SX720)

This is the latest Canon super zoom travel thin camera. This camera has a slim design. If we search in the market we will find Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 as its main challenger. The rubberized grip section of this camera helps you to grip the camera and fit comfortably in your grip.


  •  Have a 40X zoom lens.
  •  Image stabilization feature make this camera as best camera for fashion blogging
  •  3.0 inches large display for an easy view from a wider angle.
  •  Built-in WI-FI.
  •  Auto, Hybrid auto, movie mode.
  •  Automatic and semi-automatic control mode.
  •  Shot to shot time is very speedy.


  •  No touchscreen.
  •  The viewfinder option is not available.
  •  Low-quality AF on the zooming.

Cannon makes a good first impression because of its slim design and smart appearance. The
layout of buttons is adjusted more towards the user side along with rear-wheel adjustment
settings. If you are searching for good cameras for blogging then this is perfect for you.


9. Kodak Astro Pixpro (Az401-bk)

Kodak Astro Pixpro (Az401-bk)


This point-and-shoot camera lets you emphasis more on your content and work. If you plan to blog as a pastime spending, then this is a low-investment and best camera. This camera has a wide range of 22 scene settings so you can choose according to your shooting area and light mood.


  •  Colorful and sharp image result.
  •  Have a wide focal range.
  •  Provided with separate AA batteries so no worry of carrying extra batteries.
  •  A powerful lens makes you capture every detail of the image.
  •  180-degree panorama feature.
  •  24mm wide-angle lens.


  •  Bulky in weight.
  •  Auto Focus process time is slow.
  •  The angle adjustment screen option is not present.
  •  Not compatible to micro SD card.

This camera is not pocketable, but it can be adjusted in a small bag very easily. Regardless of its price for beginner’s photographers, the AZ401 also has manual control capability. But the user can use this camera in fully automatic mode and let the camera choose which settings to use. Due to its dual control nature this product is recommended as best camera for fashion blogging.


10. Canon Powershot Dslr Camera (Sx530)

Canon Powershot Dslr Camera (Sx530)

Another best top used blogging camera is The Canon PowerShot SX530 HS which is created on the 1/2.3 format, with CMOS sensor that measures 1/2.3”. This camera has 16.0 megapixels lens which is of enough resolution for the type of photography that the camera as planned for.


  •  Have a 50X zoom ratio. This extra ordinary feature make it stand out as a best camera
    for fashion blogging.
  •  Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.
  •  Can record a full HD video of 30p.
  •  Simple to use.
  •  The auto-mode image quality is excellent.
  •  Lightweight (only15.6 ounces)
  •  LCD is bright enough to be seen in bright sunlight.
  •  Have 9 autofocus points.


  •  Slow to focus on zooming.
  •  Slow Shuttle.
  •  Have a native ISO range of 100 to 3200.

According to professional, Canon PowerShot SX530 HS has high-quality image stabilization
which makes this camera to show best results on a super zoom. The lithium batteries used in this camera are rechargeable and can work for 210 still images or video recordings of 45 minutes.


People create attractive blogs on health, fashion, products, events, and many others. One very
important thing they need is the best camera for blogging. Here we provide an essential features coving buying guide elaborating all the key specifications of best cameras for bloggers.

It is effective to read useful product reviews and guides to evaluate your money. We hope this guide will enable fashion bloggers to buy the best camera for fashion blogging. Also enables a tourist bloggers to avail of the best camera for travel blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cameras For Fashion Bloggers

Canon Eos Rebel T6i is recommended as the best camera for fashion bloggers. Nikon D3300 have exceptional features to do fashion photography as well.
First, they take quality pictures from the best camera for fashion blogging. Some photographer uses adobe suite to edit their pictures. Some may hire some graphic designers to edit and make their color bright. Some mobile apps and social media platforms; just like Instagram have builtin features.
The best camera for bloggers is FUJIFILM X-T20. It is suitable for photography of food, product, sceneries and other blogging topics. All well-detailed features and specifications are discussed above.
It should be versatile to use for multiple purposes for photography. Must have a Built-in Wi-Fi to upload photos on social media. Wider aperture of the lens to capture bright pictures. Having a remote to control it is beneficial for fashion bloggers.
It is essential because blogging is a platform where we need traffic or visitor to our webpage. High-quality images with good theoretic content will make your visitors your permanent audience.