Best Machete For Clearing Brush – {Top 12} In 2021

Best Machete For Clearing Brush

If you are in a struggle to find the best machete for clearing brush then you are on the right page. For finding machete for clearing brush, chopping woods, and cutting branches is quite a technical task. First, you need to make sure about what style of large knives and machetes meet your needs. This is because a large variety of styles regarding the best machete for chopping wood are available in the market. Secondly, you should know the top brands that leading the best all around machete products. Once you are done with it, you can easily find the best machete for clearing brush.

Styles Of Best Machete For Clearing Brush

There are different styles of the best machete in the world depending upon the kind of vegetation you want to use your machete. 

As vegetation is a wide field, different nature of plants, trees and branches require the tools according to their thickness and rigidity. Therefore, we have different types of machetes to work according to your needs. That is why there is a wide difference between the shapes, sizes, and weight of the best machetes in the world.

Moreover, there are different names of a machete for clearing brush depending upon their style and work nature. Although, the answer to the question which is the best machete for clearing brush from woods is subjective. But, here we provide you a list of best machetes in the world. 

Different Types Of Machetes For Clearing Brush

  • Parang Machetes:

This best type of machete is initiated from Indonesia and spread worldwide. These are very useful for cutting branches and thick vegetation. The effectiveness of this equipment lies in its curved shape and length that enables it to cut the thickest vegetation. Parang machete knives for sale comes with thicker blades to cut woody branches easily. In addition, some Parang Machetes have more weight to provide momentum during blows. 

  • Bush Machetes:

This style is originated from Latin America and also known as Latin-style machetes. This best type of machete is capable to cut green vegetation, portable, lightweight and easy to use. Bush machetes have a straight blade to provide you a well-balanced and easy grip. The length of these blades varies between 12 inches to 24 inches. The blade is quite thick for cutting and clearing brushes. 

  • Billhook Machetes:

This best machete for brush is invented from Asia and Europe. These are high carbon steel machetes that provide long lasting sharpness and strength. You can use this equipment for gripping, chopping, cutting, shredding and others. This best machete for clearing brush comes up with a hooked shaped inner curve blade. Moreover, the handles come up in variable material such as metal, wood or plastic depending upon the grip required by the user.

  • Panga Machetes:

Panga is a name used in Africa and also a most common name for machete knives for sale all over the world. A straighter and thicker design as compare to the parang machetes. The specification of Panga design is its weight towards the blades to make the cutting work quick and easy. 

  • Heavy Machetes:

The heavy machetes are the ones with a large blade that have all the weight towards its blade side. This design comes up with great chopping strength. These high quality machetes for sale are recommended to use in agricultural farm duties. 

  • Bolo Machetes:

These best machete for clearing brush is invented from the Philippines. They are widely used in Indonesia, Cuba, and the Philippines. Ideal for cutting thick plants as it comes up with a large extended blade to provide control and momentum. These heavy duty machete full tang machetes are powerful spear for cutting a whole tree down.

Top 12 Best Machete for Clearing Brush Product Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Kershaw Camp Machete (1074)
Check Price
Fiskars Cleaning Garden Machete (385091-1002)
Check Price
SOG Machete (MC01-N)
Check Price
Jungle Master Machete (JM-021)
Check Price
Ontario Military Machete
Check Price
Fiskars Machete Axe
Check Price
Gerber Machete
Check Price
CRKT Parang Machete
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Cold Steel Machete
Check Price
Kings County Blade Machete
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Condor Tool Kukri Knife
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SOG Kukri Machete (MC11—N)
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1. Kershaw Camp Machete (1074)

Kershaw Camp Machete (1074)


Key Features:

  • The ergonomic handle protects your hands from being injured during cutting.
  • The blade is resistant to rust with the coating a special black powder.
  • This handle is composed of polymer plastic that reduces slippage.
  • The blade is composed of 65MN high carbon stainless steel machete.
  • It is available in 18 inches and 14 inches length.

The best and top of the list best machete for clearing brush is Kershaw Camp Machete. This is a true heavy duty machete full tang. The total length of this brush machete is 18 inches. It is also available in 14 inches length 

The knife blade is composed of premium quality 65Mn carbon steel. This specific carbon steel is equivalent to an ordinary 1070 high carbon steel. The sharpness of the blade lasts for a longer period and the blade is also coated with a specific black powder that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. ¼ inches of the total blade has thick making that is used to cut the thick brushes.

For an easy grip, the ergonomically designed handle made with polymer is 6 inches. The company also provides a hard plastic gray sheath for this best machetes for sale.


2. Fiskars Cleaning Garden Machete (385091-1002)

Fiskars Cleaning Garden Machete (385091-1002)


Key Features:

  • It does not have a safety sheath.
  • Its ergonomic design handles allow minimum slippage.
  • The curved blade allows you to cut dense branches.
  • It is slightly heavy so no suitable for youngers.
  • It is the best machete for the money.

Here we are introducing one of the best machete for brush and the product of Finland. This cleaning brush is Fiskars Cleaning Garden Machete. This product of Finland is on our list because of its good chopping power. 

The garden machete weight only 2.2 pounds and the blade is composed of high quality carbon steel that ensures a clean cut through small brushes and trees backyard. This high carbon stainless steel machete blade remains sharp for a longer period.

The total length of the blade is 15-inch which is enough for clearing thick brush, cutting tree branches and other multiple uses. The blade of this best machete for heavy brush looks like an axe that is somehow curved to prevent it from sticking in dense growth. Above all, its ergonomically designed plastic handle has a unique shape that ensures a firm grip to reduce slippage. 


3. SOG Machete (MC01-N)

SOG Machete (MC01-N)


Key Features:

  • The company also provides a safety sheath.
  • The blade may break if used for cutting thicker branches.
  • It has an ergonomically designed rubber Kraton handle.
  • Its blade is coated with black powder to make it rust resistant. In addition, the blade is resistant to heat and different toxic chemicals.
  • Machete for chopping wood and cutting branches.

SOG is a famous brand in USA. This 13 inches best machete for survival help you to cut any type of bush without any difficulty.According to the company, its high quality stainless carbon blade with a balanced design is very helpful in performing multiple tasks like meat cutting, crop harvesting, and wood chopping. 

Moreover, this best machete in the world also has teeth saw on the back of the blade that can be used to pull the brushes. Its unique rubberized Kraton handle is soft and you will feel no pain after cutting for an hour. The hardness of the blade is ranked at HRC 52-53.


4. Jungle Master Machete (JM-021)

Jungle Master Machete (JM-021)


Key Features:

  • Its 13.5 inches long blade for the easiest way to clear brush.
  • The cord wrapped handle provides a firm anti-slip grip.
  • It is not suitable for chopping woody thrush.
  • The company also provides a safety leather sheath.
  • Its 7 inches long handle ensures your hand safety from being injured.
  • Best machete for camping and other outdoor trips.

Another best machete to buy is Jungle Master Machete. This is the product of USA. The finest quality blade helps you to cut the brushes in a very time and minimum effort. The blade is composed of premium quality stainless steel and sharp enough to cut almost all kinds of brushes.  

Moreover, the company offers a lifetime guarantee for the sharpness of the blade. Its special cord wrapped handle proves you a firm grip. This best machete to buy machete comes with a safety sheath.


5. Ontario Military Machete

Ontario Military Machete


Key Features:

  • Its blade is composed of carbon steel that remains sharp for a longer period.
  • The cool machetes for sale have a handle with 3 rivets that keep its plastic case in place.
  • It has 24 in steel blade clearing machete
  • The blade is hardened to 55 HRC.
  • It needs some sharpening right after the purchase.

If you are searching for the best multi-purpose knife than purchase this Ontario Military Machete. As it is also used by military personal so the company has made this machete with some good features.

The length of the blade is 18 inches and is composed of carbon (1095) that offers maximum strength and remain sharp for a longer period. According to different customer’s reviews, this is the best machete for clearing brush, cutting branches and trees. 

According to the company, the blade is coated with a special powder in order to make it rust free. In addition, this blade provides a full tang construction that makes it much stronger than an ordinary machete available in the market.Above all, this handle has 3 rivets and is ergonomically designed with special plastic for maximum comfort. 


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6. Fiskars Machete Axe

Fiskars Machete Axe


Key Features:

  • It has an axe shaped blade for forceful cutting.
  • The heavy blade tip made is not suitable for quick movement.
  • The nylon sheath cover protects the blade when not in use.
  • Company offers a lifetime warranty of this best all-around machete.
  • It is the best steel for machete available at a reasonable price.

Another best machete for clearing brush by Fiskars is Machete Axe which has a total length of 29 inches. This axe is made for ultra-fast performance. Out of total 29 inches, the blade is 18 inches while the handle is 11 inches. Moreover, this large blade of 18 inches is enough to cut the branches, roots chopping and other multiple uses. 

The axe shaped blade can be used for splitting and chopping small branches. Its curve blade exerts a powerful force for clearing vines. The end of the blade has a pointed ultra-sharp tip for pushing or pulling brushes.

According to the company, this clearing brush from woods has an ergonomically designed handle with some textured pattern for making it more attractive. For comfortable working, you must grip in the middle.  Above all, the company also provides a tough sheath compose of synthetic material from inside while the outer side is composed of nylon.


7. Gerber Machete

Gerber Machete


Key Features:

  • Unique design with a blade on one side and a saw blade on the other.
  • It comes up with a nylon sheath.
  • Light weight best machete for coconuts, cutting branches, or wilderness.
  • Secure rubber grip to handle equipment in extreme weather conditions. 

A high quality best steel for machete launched by Gerber is one of the well-known best heavy duty machete available in the market. The blade material is composed of high carbon steel. It is highly durable and anti-corrosion in its usage. This best heavy duty machete has 18 inches saw blade on its one end while a 15 inches fine edge blade on the other side. It is covered in a nylon sheath to avoid damage. 

Moreover, the overall length of this best machete for clearing brush is 25.7 inches. The Gator grip provides a secure and tight hold on the equipment. The rubber texture handle is comfortable to use in extreme weather conditions.


8. CRKT Parang Machete

CRKT Parang Machete


Key Features:

  • An 18 inches blade coated with black carbon steel.
  • The style of the blade is Parang machete. 
  • It has a nylon sheath to protect against damage.
  • Ideal best machete for survival, camping, and hunting.
  • Best machete for cutting trees, branches, and woods.

If you want that the bushes in the jungle cry for mercy then you should buy this CRKT Parang Machete. We have discussed different types of machetes already, one of the powerful and strengthen the best type of machete is Parang machete. This model is suitable to cut hard trees and bushes. An ideal sized 14 inches blade with a comfortable handle and nylon sheath make it one of the best machete for survival and camping

This high carbon steel machetes features the corrosion and resistant free blade. The handle is unique due to its football texture grip. In addition to this unique handle, the nylon sheath adds the feature of durability. In other words, it is going to be your partner for a long time. The company provides a lifetime warranty to rectify any sort of damage and defect. 


9. Cold Steel Machete

Cold Steel Machete


Key Features:

  • It is composed of 1055 Carbon steel 
  • The best cold steel machete is quite hard and tough.
  • Its handle grip is composed of polypropylene with Cor-Ex Sheath.
  • The overall weight is 1.76 pounds.

It is a specially made best cold steel machete to make your vegetation experience quite easy. These best machetes for sale are composed of 1055 carbon steel that is incredibly hard. This model is fully sharpened and ready to serve you. Moreover, it follows the weight forward technology that uses the easiest way to clear brush. You can use it to chop saplings, brush, small trees, vines, and others. 

Moreover, the thickness of the blade is 2.8mm and its length is 16 inches. In addition, the length of the handle is 6 inches. It has a Cor- Ex sheath for protection. 


10. Kings County Blade Machete

Kings County Blade Machete


Key Features:

  • It has a unique design best machete for clearing brush with a short blade.
  • It is best for thin branches like grass.
  • The blade is composed of premium stainless carbon steel.
  • It has an ergonomically designed handle that is easy to grip.
  • The company also provides a leather sheath.

Kings County Blade Machete has a short blade but it is extremely popular because of its hardwood handle. It is very easy to grip this short machete because its handle has a bulb shape end.

The knife blade is composed of premium quality carbon stainless steel. The total length of this machete is 16-1/2 inches out of which 10-1/2 is the length of the only blade. Many of the users consider it more convenient to use because of its shorter size. The company also provides a stylish leather sheath. This is the high quality machetes for sale for those people who are searching for a shorter blade but stylish machete for multiple uses.


11. Condor Tool Kukri Knife

Condor Tool Kukri Knife


Key Features:

  • It comes with a leather sheath for easy storage.
  • The handle is made from hardwood.
  • The blade is composed of 1075 carbon steel.
  • Its curved blade helps pull branches.
  • It has a steel butt cap as an extra feature. 

Another best machete for heavy brush in our list is Condor Tool Kukri Knife. The overall length of this knife is 15 inches in which the blade is 10 inches. This knife has a special satin finished blade. This mini machete weight only 1 pound.

According to the company’s representative, it is a small machete yet its durability is more than an ordinary machete available in the market.

Its 5mm thick blade can cut any kind of branches. This mini machete has a steel butt and scales that increases its durability. Its sharp edge can also be used to chop the thin branches. Therefore, it is the best machete to buy at reasonable prices.


12. SOG Kukri Machete (MC11—N)

SOG Kukri Machete (MC11—N)


Key Features:

  • The blade has a saw back.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty for the best machete for clearing brush
  • Its blade is composed of 3CR13 carbon steel.
  • The blade is soft so not suitable to cut thick brushes.
  • It is easy to grip with its ergonomically designed handle.

SOG Kukri Machete (MC11-N) is a very famous model having a very durable carbon steel sharp blade. The unique feature of this machete is that it has a saw back that is very helpful sometimes in pulling the braches.

The total length of this machete with saw blade is 18 inches and weighs only 15 ounces. Out of a total of 18 inches, the blade is 12 inches in length. The blade used is 3CR13 and has a hardness of RC-44-50. The company offers a lifetime warranty. This best machete for the money can be used for chopping wood or harvesting crops. It comes with a nylon sheath. The handle is ergonomically designed with a special rubber cover that is easy to grip without any pain.



In conclusion, the purpose of writing is to make you acknowledge the trusted brands and their respective best machete for clearing brush models available in the market. To make your vision more clear, first, we write down the different types of machetes and their respective usage and benefits. Hope, you can find the best machete for clearing brush according to the nature of trees and branches of your vegetation garden. After reading our buying guide review you will be able to find the best tools for clearing brush of both thin and thick grass. 


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