Best Nail Gun For Fencing – {Top 12} In 2021

Best Nail Gun For Fencing

Mostly people prefer to do their house maintenance on their own. DIY jobs are very trendy and popular. This is because people like to save money and time. One of the important tools that you need to keep in your house for “Do It Yourself” jobs is the best nail gun for fencing.

You may think that fencing a lawn can be done by a hammer. But, it will take a lot of time and energy. Thus, if you want to fence around your property then use the nail gun for fencing. This is because it will let you fence in a day with a much easier technique. It will insert the nails or screws for fence with an initial pressure button. Fencing Nailer’s air force stored will push the nails on the wood surface and fix them together.

The true importance of best nail guns for fencing should be asked by a worker, carpenter, and mason. If you lacking this device then you seriously missing some worthy technology features. Adopt the latest technology and easier means of life by buying a nail gun for wood fence.

This is quite difficult to find the best nail gun for fencing at a reasonable price. Therefore, here we shortlist the top 12 best nail gun for fencing to make your search quick and easy. Some trustable brands and their respective nail gun for fence boards are mentioned below.

Top 12 Best Nail Gun For Fencing (Expert Reviews)

ImageName Check Price
Numax Round Head Framing Nailer
Check Price
Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer
Check Price
Freeman Pneumatic Fencing Stapler (PFS105)
Check Price
Hitachi Cordless Plastic Strip Framing Nailer (NR1890DR)
Check Price
Bostitch Rounded Framing Nailer
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Hitachi Full Head Framing Nailer (NR90AES1)
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Metabo Full Head Framing Nailer
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Surebonder Pneumatic Framing Nailer
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Freeman Pneumatic Fencing Nailing (PCN65)
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Paslode Power Master Framing Nailer
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HBT Coil Roofing Nailer
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3Plus Coil Roofing Nailer
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 1. Numax Round Head Framing Nailer

Numax Round Head Framing Nailer


Numax Round Head Framing Nailer is the right choice for both, either it is home-based usage or professional use. This best nail guns for fencing has a dual mode of functioning. You can either work with the Single firing method or select a sequential firing method. However, both modes let you work done quickly and accurately. The best nail gun for fence pickets also has a depth adjustment to ensure a tight fit. The head of this nailer can support 2 to 3.5 inches nail.

Moreover, the body is very lightweight. It is compose of magnesium and heat treated steel parts. The ergonomically designed handle for an easy and firm grip. According to the company, this tool is strictly made according to the quality control guidelines. In addition to above, it has anti-dry fire, which activated to prevent ruining the surface from nails or screws for fence. This framing nailer weighs only 8.6 pounds. The company provides 1 year limited warranty and 30 days replacement warranty for parts.


  • This double headed nail gun is the best choice for professional constructors.
  • A little bit heavy so not suitable for beginners.
  • This nailer can used for roof decking, sheathing, and wood fencing.
  • This nailer has a dual mode of quick fire or single shot fire.
  • The accuracy is not as good as previous models.


2. Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer

Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer


The Paslode is a famous company for its construction products especially heavy duty nail gun. This nailer gun is a true companion for a professional builder for his workload.  These nails guns for sale are powered with fuel combustion sources which includes a powerful lithium-ion battery. This battery on being fully charged can work for approximately 2 hours and can shoot 200 nails. This gun can be used in all weather conditions.

Moreover, the company also offers fuel canisters and nails for nail gun. The best feature of this gun for fence boards is that it can also shoot nail at 30 degrees. This is the best battery operated framing nailer in our list. The company is confident about the quality of its product so it offers no warranty.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The battery has a fast charge.
  • It can work even at a temperature of 14 Fahrenheit.
  • This nailer can shoot 9000 nails in a single charge.
  • It weighs only 7.2 pounds.


3. Freeman Pneumatic Fencing Stapler (PFS105)

Freeman Pneumatic Fencing Stapler (PFS105)


If you need to attach a fence with wire, you need a staple for fence security. Freeman Pneumatic Fencing staple is made for such situations. You will definitely surprise to see the accuracy of this best nail guns for fencing. This fencing staple is of 10 gauge and can staple from 7/8 inches to 1-9/16 inches. You can select the gauge according to your requirements. With an ergonomic handle, you can grip it firmly and forcefully staples the nails for fence pickets.

Moreover, this staple also has an adjustable depth control. Therefore, you can adjust the depth according to the width and type of wood. This stapler has a wire alignment notch with depth adjustment that allows you to staple each screw or nails for fence accurately and steadily. This nailer weighs only 5.9 pounds. It is made from aluminum with heat treated steel parts for more durability.


  • It is easy to handle because of the anti-slip rubber on the handle.
  • This staple is perfect for wire fixation and thin wood.
  • This is not suitable for softwood.
  • It has an additional T-handle for a firm grip.
  • This best nail gun for fence pickets exerts a powerful driving force.


4. Hitachi Cordless Plastic Strip Framing Nailer (NR1890DR)

Hitachi Cordless Plastic Strip Framing Nailer (NR1890DR)


Hitachi is another very famous brand for the manufacturing of building tools. Hitachi Cordless Plastic Strip Framing nailer is one of the popular products for professional constructors. This professional nails guns for sale works with a rechargeable battery. In one full charge, this nailer can be used for 400 nails for fence pickets. The battery used in this cordless nailer is lithium-ion with 3.0Ah power.

This professional nailer weighs 10 pounds. This framing nailer is completely made from durable metal. Hitachi gun can shot 2 to 3-1/2 inches wide nails. The nails are loaded in a gun like a strip style magazine. Its powerful spring system can shot and fix the nail in just 2 seconds. The strip style magazine is 21 inches long and can hold 37 nails or screws for fence.

Moreover, Hitachi has made this cordless nail gun at an easy angle with lightweight durable material to provide you maximum comfortability at work. Supported with dual action, you can choose either to work in bump firing or sequential firing mode.


  • This best nail gun for fencing has a safety shut off option.
  • It can work well at high altitudes.
  • This is not a temperature sensitive device.
  • You must consider the nail’s brand before loading the magazine.
  • It is equipped with the latest air spring drive system. Also known as air nail guns for sale


5. Bostitch Rounded Framing Nailer

Bostitch Rounded Framing Nailer


Bostitch is a well-known brand for launching its framing nail gun for fence boards. This company aimed to provide professional and budget friendly nailer tool. Due to its round head, it is suitable for many small home improvement tasks. Bostitch rounded framing nailer exerts a powerful driving force of 1050 pounds. With this best nail guns for fencing, you can drive 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches nails.

This rounded head framing gun is considered as the best multipurpose air nail guns for sale.  With Bump or sequential firing mode, you can do a variety of jobs. It also has an anti-slip rubber grip with integrated rubber pads which are helpful not to leave marks on the wall. This product weighs only 4.2 pounds. It has a dual power source. One is cordless via the battery and the second is direct electricity.


  • This nailer is 2 in 1 device.
  • Nail gun nails for fences and other wooden pieces
  • This device is a little bit heavy. So, it is not good for time-consuming jobs.
  • Sometimes screws or nails for fence may jam in the nozzle.
  • It has a new feature of fastener depth control.
  • Quick and easy to change nose piece.


6. Hitachi Full Head Framing Nailer (NR90AES1)

Hitachi Full Head Framing Nailer (NR90AES1)


Another model by Hitachi as the best nail gun for fencing. Hitachi Full Head Framing Nailer is very helpful for heavy-duty projects.  This nail gun for fence pickets is easy to switch from single to bump fire mode. This model is 10 pounds in weight. Due to its plastic body, it is much lighter as compared to other models by the same company.

Moreover, it has a new head guard design to quickly assemble the parts for cleaning. For maintenance, you just need to turn 2 screws and the device is ready. This framing nailer allows you a well-balanced grip. Therefore, it causes less exhaustion at work. The 2 step nail loading system allows the worker easy and quick reloading within minimum time. The handle is supported with a rubber grip for more secure work.

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  • The company offers 5 years warranty.
  • This double headed nail gun is easy to clean.
  • An expensive heavy duty nail gun for a middle range builder.
  • Quick and easy to change the firing mode.
  • It also has a depth adjustment control system.


7. Metabo Full Head Framing Nailer

Metabo Full Head Framing Nailer


Metabo HTP is the new name of the Hitachi Power brand. This best nail gun for fencing has cylinder Valve drive technology which increases its durability and delivers quick response. Like other double headed nail guns, it is also supported with dual mode either contact nailing or sequential nailing. This framing nailer has a rafter hook for user’s convenience.

With the help of depth adjustment, you can regulate the width and type of wood. The operating pressure of the cylinder drive valve is 70 to 120 psi. If during working, nails for nail guns jammed in the nose piece, it can be easily removed. This framing nailer weighs 8 pounds and the body is compose of high strength metal. The company offers 5 years product warranty.


  • It has less depth adjustment knob.
  • Easy to switch from one nailing mode to another.
  • The cylinder valve technology increases its durability.
  • It is easy to operate for beginners.
  • Jammed nail easily is removed from Open nose design.


8. Surebonder Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Surebonder Pneumatic Framing Nailer


Surebonder is another well-known brand for the manufacturing of electronic tools. Pneumatic Framing nailing is one of the best-selling products in the market.  These cheap nail guns for sale can easily shot nail of 2 to 3-1/2 inches long. This best nail gun for fencing has a feature of adjustable depth and modifiable exhaust. The main body frame is made up of cast aluminum. Thus, it is light in weight.

The saw tooth design helps you to precisely dig the nail. The magazine of this tool has a capacity of 80 nails which digs with the pressure of 60 to 100 PSI. The maximum operating pressure of this tool is 120 PSI. Surebonder Pneumatic Framing nailing weighs 13.6 pounds and the body is compose of premium quality and durable metal.


  • It can fire in both bump and sequential mode.
  • Its contact mechanism prevents you from accidental firing.
  • The saw tooth helps in the precise digging of the nail.
  • Air compressor not provided by the company.
  • The gun weighs only 13.6 pounds.
  • Nail gun nails for fences.


9. Freeman Pneumatic Fencing Nailing (PCN65)

Freeman Pneumatic Fencing Nailing (PCN65)


A new model by Freeman can be used for both plastic collated and wire collated best nails for fencing with 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches and 1-3/4 to 2-1/2 inches respectively.  Once you load the transparent bucket with 400 fasteners, you can also check the remaining nails after working. Due to a magnesium die-cast body and aluminum cylinder, this tool is very lightweight.

The company also provides a dust cap and premium quality O-rings. Moreover, this tool is very easy to use and hold. In addition, a new feature of the trigger lock is very helpful for the beginners. Due to an adjustable hook to hang, many professional builders consider it the best nail gun for fencing.


  • It can hold 400 plastic or wire collated best nails for cedar fence
  • This tool is more suitable for cement siding, and fiber concrete siding.
  • The company provides 7 year warranty with 90 days parts replacement warranty.
  • You can customize the firing depth according to the project.
  • This framing nailer is an expensive tool as compared to others.


10. Paslode Power Master Framing Nailer

Paslode Power Master Framing Nailer


The Power Master Framing Nailer can work with 2 to 3-1/2 inches nails at 30 degrees clipped. This tool can also be used for paper tape nails with 113 to 131 inches in diameter. The magazine of this nail gun for deck can hold 84 nails. According to many customer reviews, it is a very powerful tool with an operating pressure of 8-to 120 PSI.

This weighs only 8.5 pounds and the height is 13.5 inches. The body is made from high strength ABS material. While you are not doing work, use the rafter hook to hang this tool. It can dig 12 nails per second in both sequential and manual firing mode. The handle of this nailing tool is ergonomically designed for easy and safe grip.


  • It offers less fatigue to arms and hands.
  • Easy to grip nails guns for sale
  • Barrel Shaped nose for easy nailing.
  • This is the best tool for softwood.
  • The company provides 1 year limited warranty.


11. HBT Coil Roofing Nailer

HBT Coil Roofing Nailer


This is eleven gauge coil roofing nailer. It is capable to insert best nails for fence size ranging from 7 by 8” to 1-3/4”. You can change its operational mode by switching between sequential and contact mode.  It has an adjustable shingle spacing. Therefore, it provides you a guide for consistent and quick shingle adjustment.

You can set the best nails for fence pickets properly by used depth control features. It weighs only 4.9 pounds.  Moreover, it has an outer coating of magnesium that brings less tiredness to the user. It uses skid resistant pads or wears guards to protect nail gun for fence pickets.


  • The best nail gun for fencing is compose of magnesium, rubber, and steel.
  • The components included are safety goggles, a bottle of oil and hex wrenches.
  • You can use this tool for roofing, fencing, wooden box assembly and others.
  • Less fatigue for user
  • Adjustable shingle spaces and depth for nails settings.


12. 3Plus Coil Roofing Nailer

3Plus Coil Roofing Nailer


If you are searching for a roofing coil nail gun then this is a remarkable product. The nail gun nails sizes range from ¾ inches to 1-3/4 inches.  It has an adjustable shingle guide for equal space and consistency. In addition, it has skid resistant properties which means it will not slides down when placed on the sides of the roof. It can hold up to 120 coil nails for nail guns.

Moreover, it has an exchangeable start button to switch quickly for the bumper fire to single shot function. Similar to other roofing nailers, it does have a feature of depth control to fix the nails properly. The body is compose of aluminum and steel but the ergonomically designed handle is covered with anti-slip rubber for a firm grip.


  • The power source of this best nail gun for fencing  is air powered.
  • It uses aluminum, rubber and steel material in its composition.
  • It is available in black and red color variations.
  • Have depth adjustment and shingle adjust for accuracy in working
  • It can use for new roof construction or reroofing.



In conclusion, few things to consider while choosing a heavy duty nail gun. Firstly, make sure about the desire location where you want to use the nail gun. As there is various nail gun with respect to the workshop, outdoors, farmers and others. Secondly, you should know that the nature of the application or work for which you want to buy a nail gun for fencing.

After that, the nail gun for fence pickets required great muscle power. Thus, it is important to check and buy a nail gun that is easy to operate. Lastly, make sure about the power consumption of the nail gun. In the market, both battery powered and power operated nail gun for wood fence are available.

Hope, you make the right choice and buy the best nail gun for fencing. We try our best to put forward interesting features and specifications of a nail gun for fencing on one page. These products are chosen as top 12 best nail gun for fencing on the basis of market evaluation, customer reviews, and sales reports.


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