Top 7 Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands Ultimate Guide to Buy

Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

Health and body fitness awareness are developed all around the world. A lot of people adopted a regular exercise, gym or yoga plan to keep their bodies fit and well-shaped. Most of the people complain about their exercise mat as they get slip due to hands sweating. Here we are introducing some best yoga mat for sweaty hands that have resistance to slip and provide a sturdy grip.

Yoga workout is a hard exercise that brings sweating to your body, hands, and feet. It is a must to have a best grip yoga mat, if you want to perform your yoga postures perfectly.  Best non slip yoga mats have a great tendency to keep your body stable during yoga practice. Poor body postures and alignment can lead to serious injuries or health problems. 

To avoid such health issues, buy a non-slippery yoga mat to have a safe and relaxing yoga practice with the right postures. 

Benefits Of Using Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

  • Allow holding postures for long intervals
  • Smooth transitions from one pose to the other
  • You can do advance yoga postures without hesitation
  • Fewer chances of having injuries such as muscle strain or fall
  • Slip resistant yoga mat built your confidence 

Some Important Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

  • Slip Proof Yoga Mat:

As We are talking about the best yoga mat for slippery hands, so the preferred feature is to look for a non slip hot yoga mat to make your hands and feet stick to the mat.

  • Antimicrobial:

This property enables to keep away the nasty bacteria’s that love your sweat. 

  • Rapid Dry Action:

Look for the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet that is capable to dry in no time. These features also reduce the chances of getting a slip.

  • Thickness:

I suggest you analyze your yoga postures and then decide the thickness of your yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet. If you do a lot of balancing postures then you should buy a thick mat. On the other hand, if you perform ground base postures then look for some well cushioned and extra thick sweat proof yoga mat.

  • Size:  

The ideal length of the nonskid yoga mat is round about 68 inches. But, if you are extra taller than look for extra length mats.

Top 7 Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Jade Yoga Harmony Mat
Check Price
Hugger Mugger Rubber Mat
Check Price
Yoloha Air Cork Mat
Check Price
Yoga Design Combo Yoga Mat
Check Price
Liforme Biodegradable Yoga Mat
Check Price
Healthyoga Alignment Mat
Check Price
Gaiam Thick Yoga Mat
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1. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat


Key Features:

  • It is completely composed of natural rubber.
  • It is the best yoga mat non slip made in USA.
  • This sweat resistant yoga mat delivers incredible durability.
  • It is available in 11 color variations and 3 different lengths.
  • For extra fatty persons, extra wide mat is also available.
  • This mat provides more cushion as compared with synthetic rubber yoga mats.

Yoga is necessary for everyone, especially for women. Jade Yoga is dedicated to environmentally friendly products. 

This best mat for hot yoga is composed of natural rubber obtained from the rubber tree. It does not contain any PVC, synthetic rubber or EVA. These yoga mats for guys is available in 11 different colors. Keeping in consideration the height factor, it is available in 3 different lengths. For many fatty women, the company has also designed an extra wide yoga mat no slip.

According to the company, from a single rubber plant, they made a single yoga mat. This best sticky yoga mat for sweaty hands offers an excellent level of traction. The natural rubber used has more grip and cushion than ordinary synthetic rubber. 


2. Hugger Mugger Rubber Mat

Hugger Mugger Rubber Mat


Key Features:

  • The material used is eco-friendly.
  • It is not suitable for rubber allergic persons.
  • Sometimes it may cause the irritating smell.
  • The surface offers a well cushioned grip.
  • Perfect yoga mats non slip for sensitive joints persons.
  • For stability, both sides are sticky.

If you are searching for a slip free yoga mat that is composed of sustainable rubber then purchase this Hugger Mugger Rubber Mat. The unique feature of this best anti slip yoga mat is that it’s both sides have a different type of surface. One side has small bumps that help keep your body stable while the other side has a woven rubber grip.

According to physiotherapists, it is the best yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet especially for older persons or those who have sensitive joints. The company has made this hot yoga mat amazon in 4 colors and available in 2 sizes. The thickness of this yoga mat is ¼ inches. This mat weighs only 6 pounds.


3. Yoloha Air Cork Mat

Yoloha Air Cork Mat


Key Features:

  • This best yoga mat for sweaty hands is perfect for any kind of yoga poses.
  • It offers a non-slip stable grip.
  • Its cork surface improves stability when got wet.
  • This mat is 0.2 inches thick.
  • The surface has micro-holes for sweat to be quick dry.
  • This best non slip yoga mat is also easy to clean.

Searching for the best sticky yoga mat for sweaty hands is quite time consuming job. Here we are introducing Yoloha Air Cork Mat, a sweat proof yoga mat that provides an extra cushioning. This mat is made from a very durable and long lasting non-slip cork in combination with eco-friendly foam. The foam provides an extra strong grip and more cushioning.

Moreover, this slip resistant yoga mat is perfect to be used in hot seasons when you sweat a lot. While using this mat for yoga you need no towel for practicing in summer. According to the company, this best yoga mat non slip is composed of fast drying antimicrobial material that contains zero plastic or latex.   According to the company, this mat is available in 2 sizes. 


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4. Yoga Design Combo Yoga Mat

Yoga Design Combo Yoga Mat


Key Features:

  • It is composed of recycled and eco-friendly plastic.
  • This best yoga mat for sweaty hands is not suitable for latex allergic persons.
  • It delivers the best grip when got wet with sweat.
  • It is available in 17 different color combinations.
  • This mat can be used as a yoga mat or yoga towel.
  • The base is composed of natural rubber.

If you are searching for a 2 in 1 yoga mat, then purchase this Yoga Design Combo Yoga Mat. It is called 2 in 1 because the company has designed it in such a way that it can be used as either a yoga mat or a yoga towel.

According to the professional yoga experts, this is the perfect thick non slip yoga mat for hot days because the more you sweat the more its grips improve. Above all, the material used in the manufacturing of this best non slip yoga mats is suede microfiber which itself is generated from the recycling of plastic bottles. For adding a better cushion, the base is composed of natural rubber. The best no slip yoga mats are available in 17 different color combinations. Furthermore, it is available only in 1 size (70*24 inches).


5. Liforme Biodegradable Yoga Mat

Liforme Biodegradable Yoga Mat


Key Features:

  • This yoga mat is wider and longer than an ordinary mat.
  • It contains no PVC and toxic material that causes itching.
  • It offers a very revolutionary grip.
  • Patent alignment marks are printed on the mat.
  • The top is coated with eco-polyurethane.
  • Best yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet at a reasonable price. 

Liforme Biodegradable Yoga Mat is one of the markets demanded product as per sales generated report. This non slippery yoga mat offers a unique alignment system between different body parts while practicing. In addition, it is available in different attractive designs.

According to the company, this best mat for hot yoga is composed of 100% pure natural rubber. The rubber is also biodegradable and eco-friendly. For portability, this mat weighs only 5.5 pounds. In addition, the extra cushion delivered by this hot yoga mat amazon allows you to maintain an accurate posture during practicing different types of yoga. It is available in the market in 2 different colors. The company also provides a shoulder bag for easy transportation.


6. Healthyoga Alignment Mat

Healthyoga Alignment Mat.


Key Features:

  • It is composed of SGS certified material.
  • The thickness of the slip free yoga mat is 6mm.
  • The material used has anti-tear feature.
  • Its special diamond shaped texture on the top surface maintain grip.
  • It is available in extra-long 72 inches length.
  • The special texture on the surface allows you to maintain alignment of the body.

In the list of the best yoga mat for sweaty hands, Healthyoga Alignment Mat is a most demanding name and recommend by many professional yoga masters.  This sweat resistant yoga mat is composed of eco-friendly material and recycled TPE. 

The surface has mini diamond shaped holes that are made to make it anti-slip. According to the company, this mat delivered a thick cushion and accurate alignment while you practicing Asana Yoga. The bottom surface is composed of special tire material to make it anti-slip on any smooth surface.  For easy portability, this slip proof yoga mat weighs only 2.3 pounds. This yoga mat provides proper pressure on your reverse points. 


7. Gaiam Thick Yoga Mat

Gaiam Thick Yoga Mat


Key Features:

  • It weighs only 3.2 pounds.
  • The top surface has a textured design that makes it non-slip.
  • For the best results, enroll your mat in the air for 2 to 3 days.
  • This best yoga mat for sweaty hands has a thickness of 6mm.
  • It is free from all toxic materials like DBP, DINP, and DNOP.
  • This mat delivers a firm and cushioned support.

If you are searching for an extra thick yoga mat no slip than Gaiam Thick yoga mat. Gaiam thick yoga mat is perfect for you. It offers a very stable and non-slip surface. According to the company, these best no slip yoga mats are lightweight and durable. Many professional yoga trainers claim that this non slippery yoga mat offers an additional cushioning that is necessary for your joints during any yoga exercise.

In addition, these yoga mats have textured sticky surface for excellent and superior grip. Its stylish design will always keep you focused and motivated. Moreover, the color of the best non slip yoga mat may fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period. As this direct exposure may affect the quality. 


In conclusion, body fitness requires proper yoga work out. However, this is not possible if you don’t have the best yoga mat for sweaty hands. Proper body balancing postures and ground base stretches will make your body flexible and maintained. Therefore, read our hot yoga mat reviews to buy the best yoga mat for sweaty hands. I Hope, you find a mat that meets your requirements.

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