Waxing: Everything You Need To Know About Waxing

Need To Know About Waxing

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of blogs out there but still, here we are to tell you everything you need to know about waxing. If you are waxing for the first time this can be a little bit tricky and challenging for you but no worries, you only need the experience of once or twice using it and then it turns out interesting and fun despite the pain of pulling out the hair.  To be honest, it gets slightly painful and tedious. But we girls are always ready to do whatever it takes to look fresh, charming, and alluring. Hence, the pain is worthless after getting the lovely and beautiful skin.      

This is a technique that is used to remove all the unwanted hairs from the body.  This easy job of removing body hair can be done at homes and even salons deal with this affair too. This technique contains a warm, thick, and sticky mixture to pull the hairs by sticking to the mixture. In this procedure, body hairs are swiftly pulled out from the skin. 

Types Of Wax And How To Make Wax At Home?

The sources to make wax can only be distinguished while knowing the type of wax we are making. You can make hard wax, soft wax, and sugar wax. There are plenty of ways to make wax with various techniques to use it. The ingredients to make wax can be purchased from the grocery store, salon stores, and online.  For other accessories to use wax at home you might need wax strips, a wax warmer, wax applicators and wax containers. 

  • Hard wax

Hard wax can be best to use on sensitive areas like bikini lines underarms, upper lips, and eyebrows. Beeswax and rosin are firmly used in hard wax. Other ingredients like oils and vitamins are also added to it. Hard wax doesn’t need any kind of wax strips as it comes off easily. You can also make hard wax by using sugar and you can add coconut oil or olive oil.  

How to use it?

Make sure that your wax isn’t too hot because we don’t want to burn the skin. Always keep the match test on your arm before applying it on the face or any other sensitive parts. After the match test, apply the wax in the direction of hair at your body in small patches, and then let it cool for about 5 to 10 seconds. Pull a little piece from the end to grip and pull it off away from the direction of hairs.

  • Soft Wax

Soft wax is best to use on large and non-sensitive body parts like legs, arms, back and other body parts that are non-sensitive. It contains ingredients similar to hard wax-like rosin, oils, water, lemon, honey, and other additives. This max needs waxing strips because it is slightly softer than hard wax. It can also be melted in the warmer. 

How to use it?

Apply the wax with an applicator try to examine the length of your strip and cover the body hairs with wax according to it. Stick the strap over the wax rubs it thoroughly so they stick together properly, and then pull it off in the opposite direction of your hairs.  

  • Sugar Wax

Sugar wax has made people so crazy and it is known as the most popular wax made at home. It is made up of all the natural ingredients while giving the out class results. Sugar wax is usually suitable for all skin types. It is also considered a less painful wax. Sugar, water, and some citric acids like lemon juice are used as the prime ingredients. 

How to make sugar wax?

If you are using 2 cups of sugar, add ¼ lemon, 2 tablespoons of water, add a pinch of salt (optional).  Melt all the ingredients at medium to high flame, when it starts to boil lower the flame and keep moving the spatula. Turn off the stove after it gets the caramel brown color (don’t over-brown it) to keep its consistency soft and moldable. 

How to use it?

Let it cool for some time then apply it in the direction of your hairs if it has a soft texture, stick a strip over it and pull. 

The other method that you can use is to put the wax in the opposite direction of your hairs and pull it by using merely a figure, remember this can only happen if your wax is slightly thick and hard.  

How To Prep Skin Before And After Waxing?

There are some preps that you need to do before doing waxing. Definitely, taking care of your skin after waxing is also necessary. So here are some steps you need to follow before waxing.

  • Exfoliation 

To improve your wax results exfoliation is necessary. Do it 1 or 2 days before the waxing. It helps to remove the dead skin cells from the skin and helps to lose the risk of ingrown hairs. It also helps the wax to work with better results. 

  • Clean the skin

Make sure that your skin is all clean and ready for waxing. Washing your skin to get rid of dirt, sweat, germs, oils, and makeup is important. Oily skin prevents the wax to stick with the skin and waxing on dirty skin can cause pimples and bumps in the skin.

  • Dry the skin

Wet skin doesn’t let the wax adhere, so make sure that your skin is all dry. You can also add some powder before waxing it will definitely soak the moisture from the skin.  

  • Cut the hairs

 If your hairs have grown too long it’s good to cut them shorter before waxing. Your hair needs to be a quart inch long otherwise it can be complicated and extremely painful. 

How Safe Is To Wax?

Waxing is completely safe not for those people who have acne-prone skin and having their medication going on because medicines made skin more sensitive. You also avoid the areas where you got sunburn. And always do a skin matches test before waxing to avoid any kind of rashes or allergies.    

Which Body Parts You Should Wax?

You can wax almost every part of the body like face, upper lips, eyebrows, armpits, nose ear, arms, legs, neck, pubic area, back, and even bally. There are different kinds of waxes used according to the skin area. If you are interested to wax your eyebrows check out our other article offering you the best eyebrow wax kit.   

What Are The Benefits Of Waxing?

You might have heard of waxing as the ugliest thing or painful method but we are here to surprise you with some fun facts about waxing that will change your perspective. It is one of the strongest techniques of removing hair at its finest.  As far as you are concerned about the pain, let me tell you one thing shorter the hair you wax lesser the painful it is. 

  • Less Growth of Hair

The growth becomes lesser as the result of the hairs pull out of the roots. Your skin stays soft and smooth in this period. The re-growth of hair takes almost two to three weeks. Eventually, you will feel less growth of hair.   

  • Finer and Sparser Hair

The hair gets finer and sparser because it is pulled out with roots and the follicles end up getting weaker. Don’t get hasty as it takes time for weak follicles to produce finer and sparser hair.    

  • Gentle Skin Exfoliation

The other benefit you get is gentle exfoliation because the wax rips off the outer dead layer of the skin. Moreover, it is highly advised to exfoliate the skin 1 or 2 days before waxing. 

  • Less Chance of Ingrown Hair

To avoid ingrown hairs it’s important to do waxing with the right technique. For this purpose, the pulling of wax should be quick and skin should be held tightly while pulling, avoiding the hairs to re-grow back into the skin. 

  • Less Chance of Cuts

Waxing lessens the chance of getting the cuts that you might get with the razor. With wax, your skin will get less exposed to damages and risks. 


Waxing can be challenging if it’s done with zero information. Merely once or twice of experience can make you a pro. This quick, safe and affordable technique will save you time, giving you the best and long-lasting rid of hairs. We have mentioned all the details above let us know if you find this article helpful. 

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