Purchase Stocking And Sock Helpers For Elderly And Disabled Persons 

Sock Helpers For Elderly

Sock helpers for elderly are dressing equipment to help you wear socks and stockings. Mostly, elders suffer from back pain, so wearing socks is quite difficult for them. It can bring some severe leg strains to them as well. Looking helplessly towards your kids to help you out to wear socks is quite obvious in this situation.

Don’t worry. You can still enjoy your independent life by using sock aids for disabled and older adults.  All you need to put your socks up to the “foot shaft,” then insert your foot into it. This sock helper put on comes up with strap handles to pull the socks upwards and letting sock aid out of the foot as well.

To put the socks off, you need to buy dressing sticks that will help you to drag them down. Therefore, sock aid with foam grip is best to help in wearing the socks. The basic design format of all stocking aids and sock aids is quite similar. As all consist of a sock chute with rope handles.

Mostly brands launched their compression stockings aid to put on socks. According to customer reviews, they lack to get the right product and result in wastage of money. Therefore, to guide you about trusted and top rated brands here, we provide a list of top 7 Sock helpers for elderly and disabled persons. 

Top 7 Sock Helpers For Elderly Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
RMS Sock Helper & Sock Aid
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Vive Sock Aid
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Carex Sock Aid For Arthritis
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Vaunn Medical Sock Aid
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RMS Stick Dressing Aid
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Sammons Preston Stocking & Sock Aid
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Taupe Sock Horse
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1. RMS Sock Helper & Sock Aid


RMS Sock Helper & Sock Aid


Key Features:

  • It is an ideal device to help elderly put socks on.
  • The rope length is adjustable.
  • The main shell is composed of soft and flexible plastic.
  • This foam pad of this device to put socks on prevents the slipping of socks.
  • This is not suitable for extra wide feet.

We begin our list with RMS Sock Aid & Sock Helper. This compression sock assistance device is very helpful for those who have back pain or feeling pain while bending.  These sock helpers for elderly are designed carefully in the shape of a curved shell that bring into line with your feet. Many customers find that the curved shell is very helpful because it allows a perfect fitting and less energy. This is the perfect device for putting on socks for aged or disabled persons.

According to the company, a foam pad is designed that prevents your sock from slipping while dressing. Similarly, the ropes handle of this tool to help put socks on are also padded with soft foam so that handle may not slip while pulling socks. Furthermore, for the ease of comfortability, the length of the rope is adjustable according to the length of legs. This sock helper for elderly allows you to bend a minimum posture.



2. Vive Sock Aid


Vive Sock Aid


Key Features:

  • This sock helpers for elderly will help you to wear socks independently.
  • It is the best aid for arthritis, post-surgery, and pregnant mothers.
  • The shell is not flexible for different sizes feet.
  • The ropes are adjustable of this best compression socks for elderly according to the length of legs.
  • This Handles are padded with soft foam for easy grip. 

If you are searching for sock aid that is helpful for arthritis suffering person, then purchase this Vive Sock Aid. Arthritis is a disease that makes the body less flexible. 

In addition, this sock slider will make it easy to put on socks for the elderly with comfort and quickly. Like many other sock helper for disabled, it also has anti-slip cuff from one edge to the other. This anti-slip cuff gives a maximum strength so that you can easily hold your stockings while dragging the ropes. Above all, the handles of the ropes are fill out with contoured and soft foam for a better anti-slip grip.



3. Carex Sock Aid For Arthritis


Carex Sock Aid For Arthritis


Key Features:

  • This sock horse sock aid is easy to store and pack.
  • Its straps offer a flexible grip.
  • This is also suitable for anklets, trouser socks, and calf length socks.
  • Its large loop handles allow you a firm and easy grip.
  • Carex is the trusted brand of home medical instruments.
  • A perfect tool to put on socks.

Another sock and stocking aid for arthritis suffering persons are Carex Sock Aid. This stocking aid for compression stockings is designed to challenge the flexibility problems that are no more a problem for those people who use this sock aid. The opened slit in the front end makes it easier for you to wrap when dressing. You need to consume less energy even for the close-fitting stockings. 

Furthermore, the device that makes easy to put on compression socks for elderly is enclosed with a terry cloth that grips the inner socks surface firmly while dragging. Although, the terry fabric cloth is safe to use on your socks as it does not have any abrasion effect or itching to skin.

Carex sock aid easy on easy off comes with folding straps for storage. These straps are comfortable on hands and soft for your fingers. You just need to adjust them accordingly.



4. Vaunn Medical Sock Aid


Vaunn Medical Sock Aid


Key Features:

  • The strips of this device to put on socks are easy to adjust.
  • This is not suitable for compression socks.
  • Help with putting on socks for disabled, elderly, and other patients.
  • The edges are curved smoothly.
  • The material used is very lightweight.
  • It reduces the back pain as they put on socks without bending

If you are suffering from a bending problem, then you can change your life with the use of Vaunn Medical Aid. It is an ideal tool to help put on socks.

Vaunn Medical Stock Aid is available in the market with a flexible shell that comfortably and easily fit any size of the sock. This easy sock aid kit has an anti-slip pad that holds yours stocking while you are pulling the socks.

Moreover, the edges are smoothly curved so that it may not hurt skin while wearing. Like many other easy on off sock aid, it also has a string whose length is adjustable. For adjusting, you just press the knob. 

According to the company, this tool for putting on socks is very lightweight, and you can carry anywhere during traveling.


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5. RMS Stick Dressing Aid


RMS Stick Dressing Aid


Key Features:

  • It is the best multipurpose dressing stick.
  • The company provides a lifetime warranty.
  • This stick is highly recommended by therapists.
  • Its vinyl coated C shaped hook helps pull the zip.
  • The sock helpers for elderly has an overall length of 28 inches.

Let us introduce to new stylish sock helpers for elderly that look like a stick. This sock aid is RMS stick Dressing Aid. This is the best handy sock aid stick for a recovering patient or the elderly persons suffering from back pain. This sock aids for disabled will let them wear socks without any assistance. 

According to the company, this stick is a versatile sock assist that can use for different types of dressings and socks, like stockings, anklets, and other hanging clothes. In addition, the stick has hook edges with a smooth finish to prevent your clothes from damaging.

Due to its adequate length, it is suitable for different height persons. It is very lightweight that allows you to pick clothes from a far corner without any difficulty. Unlike many other sock aids for elderly, it is made from a hardwood framework that is strong and durable.



6. Sammons Preston Stocking & Sock Aid


Sammons Preston Stocking & Sock Aid


Key Features:

  • It is the best easy on easy off sock aid kit for extra wide feet.
  • This sock pull up aid is easy to wash.
  • It sometimes may stretch the cotton fiber.
  • This allows minimum bending of backbone.
  • The straps are easy to grip and also adjustable.

If you are searching for a lightweight and portable sock aid for compression stockings, then try this Sammons Preston Stocking & Sock Aid.  

Due to its lightweight, it is easy to carry anywhere. It has a unique finger design that gives you greater flexibility. According to the company, this put on socks helper is the best choice for a wider foot. It is worth buying a device to help to put on socks.

Furthermore, this is designed with a special flexible plastic material that is easy to compress while wearing your socks. The surface is also covered with a special fabric that stops socks from slipping. 

In addition, Sammons Sock aid helps put socks on device, has straps that are easy to wrap on your hands. You can also adjust the length to get a firm grip. 



7. Taupe Sock Horse


Taupe Sock Horse


Key Features:

  • It is very easy to use sock helper for elderly.
  • Its plastic grip may be stuck.
  • You can use them for wearing shoes.
  • Due to its extra-long handles, it aloe minimum bending of posture.
  • This sock helpers for elderly made with extra-strong plastic.

If you are searching for a unique but stylish looking sock helper for disabled then stop searching and purchase Taupe Sock Horse.  This sock horse is designed for elderly persons, especially persons suffering from hip problems. According to the company, this sock aid allows an easy way of wearing socks.

Moreover, it is also suitable for shorthand persons. This easy sock aid kit work in a different way. Instead of the full sock, only the mouth of the sock goes on the rubber grips. These rubber grip also protects the socks from being damaged, especially the delicate nylon fabric socks. The handles of this easy pull sock aid are long enough for different heights. 


Some Factors To Consider While Buying Sock Helpers For Elderly

As there is a great variety of sock aids for elderly from simple to robust complicated devices. This may sound a little bit confusing what kind of user experience it provides. While buying the device to help put socks on, you must consider the following highlighted features. 


  • Easy To Use:


The device to help put on socks should be easy to use.  It should consume less user energy and can accomplish the task in a few steps. The easy on sock aid should not slip while pulling the socks up. Buy the compression sock aid device that has adjustable ropes and cords to pull it to the required height.


  • Flexible Design:


The flexible design aid socks for the elderly that can accommodate different types of socks and fabric. It should be able to hold various types of foot sizes without hurting the skin. The aid to help put socks on should not be so much wide that it tears off the socks and not too slim that it becomes difficult to slide the feet up. 


  • Versatile:


The socks aid to putting on should be versatile. Look for the multipurpose easy on / easy off sock aid kit. In other words, the sock helpers for elderly should be able to make adjustments according to the sittings of the person. 


  • Durable:


The tool for putting socks on feet should not get damaged after usage of a few days. It should be able to withstand the excessive usage, and other mishandling may occur with elders. Therefore, the material should be good enough to resist sudden breakage or accidental stepping. 



In Conclusion, here we introduce a special device for putting on socks for elderly and disabled persons. The elder or disabled person may feel that they are losing their independent life if they lack this tool. Mostly, elders complain about back pain while bending. Therefore, they need to use sock helpers for elderly.

Go through our list of top 7 best sock helpers for elderly. Here we elaborate on all the extensive features and specifications of these easy on off sock aid. I hope you find the best sock helpers for elderly from our efforts.


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